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If you’re looking for a poem that will make you smile, then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Lachlan McPherson, and I am the founder of this website, The website was started in the hopes of making a place where people could discuss and share their favorite poems. Through this website, I have tried to do just that, so please enjoy our poetry.

I have found that the best poems come from people who love words, and who love to think of words. In particular, I think that the best poems contain at least a couple of words, and that the best poems in the world were written by people who liked to think of words.

It is a paradox that the best poems are often best written by people who didn’t enjoy thinking of words. The best poems were usually written by people who were obsessed with words, but obsessed with the right kind of words.

The best poems, then, tend to be those that are written in the third person–that is, in the voice of the speaker. The best poems are not the ones that are written in the first person, but the ones that are about the speaker, or the words that the speaker says.

In the world of poetry, the third person is very important. A third person can refer to the speaker, the other person, the other speaker, the other poet, the other poet, the other speaker, or the other speaker. It can also refer to the thing the speaker is talking about.

The best poems are written by someone who is not just a poet, but someone who is a writer. In fact, the best poems are written by someone who is also a writer. That’s because there are certain basic requirements that must be met for a poem to be considered good. The first of these is that the poem must have a narrative flow. That is, it must have a beginning, middle, and end.

And this goes back to why I mentioned the three levels of self-awareness. This is because there is a difference between a poem written by an author and a poem written by an author. In fact, the best poems are written by an author. In other words, a poem is the work of a writer and only the work of a writer.

The best poems are also the ones that have narrative flow. So for example, the “I’ll Be Home in a Minute” poem from the book of poetry is a great poem, but it doesn’t have a narrative flow because the author didn’t include a beginning, middle, or end. The beginning is about a dog. The middle is about a man. The end is about a woman. The narrative flow is obvious.

Okay, so that’s why I used the word “best” I guess. The best poem is often not a poem in the traditional sense, but rather a narrative poem. But the best narrative poems are those that have a flow, and it is this flow that makes them so memorable. So I think my best poem is a story poem.


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