what letter is not in a us state name


We all know this is true.

The thing is, we can’t really decide on which letter of the alphabet to use for a state name. The same is true for a state’s state letter.

Its easy to say, “Ok, we just need to choose a letter and make it us” but it’s tricky to actually make the decision. There are so many letters in the US that there are no ‘good’ ones and a few ‘bad’ ones.

I hate to say it, but a word that has no state letters in it, and never will, is a state letter. So let’s go through the US alphabet and see which states have no letter in them. We’ll start in California and move to the other states in this list.

I’ll go first. I would argue that California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, and the District of Columbia all have some letter in them.

This list is a bit depressing because it actually shows that we are all just a bunch of lazy assholes. However, the point is that we should take pride in not being lazy assholes. So that the other states do not have their own letters in their name, is a good step towards making the US a great country.

That’s right. It’s not about how many states have letters in them. The point is that we should all be proud of the lazy assholes who do not take the time to study the alphabet.

The point is that lazy assholes are lazy assholes.

It’s not about lazy assholes. It’s about lazy assholes not being lazy assholes.

As a result, the US has the most alphabetically-inclined people on earth.


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