voice in poetry


It’s impossible for me to express what I feel in a poem.

That’s okay, but I’ll try. I try to do it, but I can’t. I feel the same way when I write poetry. I can’t write it how I want to write it. But I can try. I believe that a poem and a story are something that exist within each other.

I find this statement in Poems of the Mind really helpful. I try to write poems that are about what I am feeling, but I always seem to feel a little off. I think I am just writing poems that are about me. I dont feel like I am writing poetry at all. I feel like I am writing a play, or a movie.

But I have to say, with all due respect to Robert Frost, I think that’s pretty much a misnomer. I don’t think it’s about feeling. It’s about perception. It’s about how we perceive things. And I think that’s the real problem with poetry, it’s not about feeling, it’s about perception.

Well-known poet Robert Frost said, “A poem is a lie that we tell the world.” The only true poets are those who can write the world into their poems.

Well, I’ve always been a poet. When I was a kid, my dad would read me poetry. And when he was gone, I wrote poetry. I used to think that poets were people who could write, but when I started reading books again, I realized that it wasn’t just a job. They were people who could feel.

Voice in poetry is the ability to feel. Our minds are so full of stuff that we don’t necessarily think about what it is we are feeling. But we do feel it. Poets are people who can feel.

Voice in poetry is also the ability to feel the way an artist or musician feels. Like when I listen to a song or watch a video, I can feel the emotions. And like all musicians, poets have the ability to express themselves through the written word. If there is a theme, a story, or a way to express itself, then you can put that into your poems.

The ability to feel is an important element of language. It’s how we talk, sing, read, and write in general. When I think of the world of poetry, I think of the ability to feel the feeling of a poem. Poets feel a poem the same way that any other person feels it, but it is a different kind of feeling. Poets feel the emotion of the words, and the words feel the emotion of the words.

Poets are artists who use language to express themselves. Poets can use imagery, metaphors, and similes to express themselves in their poetry. But for the most part, poets use language to convey feelings. They can use language to express the emotion of a person, or the emotional state of an object or circumstance. It all depends on the person, and the emotion.


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