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This is the area around the face and neck that we put our hands and mouth. It’s also the place we keep our ears. This is where the first and most important bacteria that eats away at your body gets born. Some of the most serious diseases that are spread around your body while you sleep are caused due to the bacteria that get born.

This is one of the most important areas where bacteria come and go. The human body is a really bad place for bacteria because the skin is a fairly good barrier for bacteria to stick on, but it’s not very good for bacteria to stick in your mouth. The bacteria get stuck in there, making you sick and/or dead. It is here where the bacteria get exposed to the rest of the world and cause deadly diseases.

So what does it do? It kills off the harmful bacteria that get born. It kills the good bugs too, and it leaves behind a clean environment to grow. This is the way that vaccinations work. It is the bacteria that get born that cause this, but they are the ones that are killed by the vaccines, and the ones that get left behind they then become the good bugs that do not cause the problems anymore.

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