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I think it is safe to say that college students are not your average group of people. While students may be the largest group of people you will meet in the United States, they may not be the most successful and most impactful. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t be successful and impactful yourself once you are out of school.

The goal of marketing is to get your name out there and be seen as an innovative and forward thinking business. While the biggest names that are out there like Google and Facebook already have a huge impact on our industry and our economy, college students are an innovative and forward thinking group of people. They are the people who are most willing to innovate and make changes to our industry. Their ability to experiment and do things that other people cant is key to being successful in the future.

The marketing efforts that we see out there from companies like Facebook and Google are a big part of why we are where we are today. Because we are the people who are most willing to do things that others cant, we make a lot of advancements in our industry. A lot of things that have been done here on campus, and elsewhere, are because of the people that come here.

The only reason I can think of why people have come to our campus is because I told them how much I love my job, and how much I hope to enjoy my life here on campus. If they see me doing what I enjoy, then they want to come see me. I’m not saying this to diminish the work of marketing and advertising at uconn, but I’m saying it to make you feel great.

I actually think that the reason people come to see Marketing majors is because of the marketing they get to do, or the opportunity to do something in the industry they want to do. Even if we were just talking about that particular part of uconn, it is the people that come to see our students that I want to talk to. If the people that come to our campus are the people who want to come see our marketing majors, then that is what our marketing majors get to do.

In marketing, we think of ourselves as a bunch of cool kids who want to get our hands dirty and do some cool stuff. We also think of ourselves as the most boring people in the world, and the people that come to see Marketing majors will help us take the boringness to the next level.

There is nothing duller than a marketing major. I mean, come on, let’s just say the classes are usually pretty boring, right? But there is a different level of boringness when it comes to marketing majors. They seem to have had a life experience, or some sort of personal achievement in their marketing classes that is quite different from the other people.

So for the last few years, I have been writing a series that examines the various aspects of marketing majors in a blog. The blog is called uconnmarketing, and there are three different parts to the series. Part 1, which has been up for a few months already, looks at the major differences between marketing majors, and how they think about their jobs. Part 2 looks at the differences between majors and other types of marketing students, and what that means for the future of marketing.

The blog entries are a little late, but I’ll admit that the first two parts are already pretty fun.

The third part of the series looks at how the different marketing majors think about their jobs, and what that’s like. These blog entries are by far the most interesting, and I would say that they might be the most valuable to anyone trying to get into marketing. Here’s a link to a google doc with the complete series so you can get a good idea of what the blog is about.

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