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How does one begin to explore the future of technology? To begin your search, you must first understand the past. You must understand your own past.

You can’t begin to understand the future without understanding the present, and the past is always present. But what you do with the present is up to you, so you can’t begin to understand the future without knowing something about your own present. This is why I have so much respect for the engineers at Google. They’re not just in a garage tinkering about with the future of the internet. They’re in the middle of making history.

Google has a lot of problems, but the most important one is that they are building a company that has the power to make or break our culture. They are not trying to be the internet, theyre building the internet. Theyre not just creating a single search engine that will make all the information in the world available to everyone, theyre building a company that will change the way we interact with our information and each other. Google is changing things for the better.

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