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You may have noticed that we have recently had a very large number of blog posts about the issue of whether a car should be parked in your driveway. Our hope is that you find this post of interest. This is a question we have been pondering for awhile, and the answer is that it really depends on the circumstances. The majority of our posts that have been written have been about parking in our driveway, and we hope they will be helpful to you.

We are a small company that makes some rather unusual cars for people who don’t want to put them in the garage, but we have found that there are a couple of important things to consider when we’re putting up a car for public viewing. The first is that the car is meant to be used by the public, so if the car is in plain view and you see a person walking up to it, you are going to assume that that person is going to park there.

The reason we have a driveway is so that we can park our cars on the street, but if people do decide to park there, we want them to know that they are not allowed to. Also, we don’t want any of our customers to get their cars messed up.

What a great question. I have a few thoughts, as always. Most of us would say that no one should be allowed to park their car in our driveway, it makes it unsafe for other drivers to see who’s there and it’s a violation of city codes. We would also say that if you did park there, it would be okay to walk down a little way to park a few steps away from the driveway.

Well, I think we should all be allowed to park our cars in our driveway. So long as it’s not against the law, and there are enough roads to safely do so. There are plenty of parking lots around our office, I have always been really careful to park there.

Oh, and that too, it turns out, is against the law. It’s a city ordinance which states that you can only park on a sidewalk, unless it’s a designated parking spot that’s marked for parking on the street.

Parking on the street is still against the law in some cities, but its not against the law here in Austin, and I think we can all agree that it would be really nice to have more parking spots around our office.

Its also against the law to park on the sidewalk if you’re already parked on the street. That’s a good thing, because if you park on the sidewalk and then park on the street you will get fined by the city.

Again, its not illegal to park on the sidewalk. But it is against the law to park on the street where you have been previously parked.

So, if we assume that the city’s laws apply to us, they also apply to the pedestrians who are allowed to park on the street. If we assume that the sidewalk is the same as the street, then we know that the pedestrians are still entitled to park on the sidewalk. Thus, by parking on the sidewalk we are encouraging them to park on the sidewalk instead of on the street.


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