observant quotes


I am always trying to be observant about what I eat, how I feel, and how I look. I do this out of necessity, because I don’t want to forget the fact that I have to do all of that before I can actually eat or enjoy something. I’m so very observant about these things.

But as we become observant, we begin to realize that we are more observant than we thought we were. Which is okay because when we are observant we can notice just about any and everything. And that is fine. But we don’t let this stop us from noticing other things. This is why we should always be observant about our health and our emotional state. We are not immune to these things.

This is why we should always be observant about our health and our emotional state. We are not immune to these things. The thing about being observant about something is that you can recognize that something is off and then you can do something about it. This is something that I learned from observing my brother as he grew up. It is important to be observant about things like the way he was growing up or the way he was acting and the way he was dressing.

When you are observant about something, you are also probably the first to know it. You can look back and say, “Hey, I was just thinking that I noticed that my brother is acting and dressing differently from now on,” or you can be a little more skeptical and say, “Hey, I know that he’s having a hard time lately, but I don’t know if I should ask if he’s okay.

When it comes down to it, most observers of ourselves tend to be pretty skeptical of our own habits and ways of acting. We do not tend to think, “I was just doing this one thing to make myself look good.” We tend to think, “what if I was doing this one thing wrong?” or, “I was doing this one thing and I was doing it wrong.

This happens a lot in self-awareness. The fact is we tend to tend to think that we are always doing the right thing. We tend to think that our habits and routines are right, and that is how we can live a successful life. Sometimes people who do not think this way even realize they are on autopilot. The best way to be skeptical about yourself is to simply do some experiments. See if you can find yourself doing the things that you do.

Observation is a powerful tool for self-awareness. It allows you to see yourself in the eye of an observer, but it helps you to be self-aware. If you were to actually observe yourself day after day after day, you would notice ways that you sometimes get yourself into trouble. You might think you should do something different about an area in your life, you might think that you should start a new habit.

It’s just a simple exercise. It’s not a philosophy. If I wanted to become a philosopher, I would observe the people I like and do the things that I like. Just like I can observe myself and see my habits, I can observe others and see if they are similar.

Observation is the most important part of self-awareness. You have to observe yourself in order to learn how to become better at observing yourself in the future. This is the same idea as the famous saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” It takes practice and repetition to build a habit that works.

Observation means learning how to observe yourself and what your habits are. To become a philosopher, you have to observe yourself and your habits. This is the same idea as the saying, “If you want to be a good person, you have to be observant of what you like and what you don’t like.


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