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this song is so easy to sing, you don’t even have to put words in your mouth, it’s just a matter of singing it. The lyrics are simple, but they carry such a powerful meaning. This song, sung by Manithan Tamil is one of his most popular. The sad lyrics are accompanied by the rhythm of the drums. The melody comes from the drums! You can easily sing this song at any time of the day, any place you like.

The original Manithan Tamil song is about the love story of a man and a woman who are stuck together in a time loop. The melody is reminiscent of the sound of the ocean waves. I like the lyric too, its not sung in a sad way, but rather in a happy way.

The lyrics of the song are quite powerful and can evoke a feeling of hopelessness and despair at times. This is a song that will be especially applicable to the upcoming holiday season. For the first part of the song the melody is rather somber, but later the drums and the vocals bring the song to life. I find it difficult to sing Manithan Tamil songs at times because they seem so melancholy.

Another good Manithan Tamil song is “Mukti Manitha” and it’s definitely catchy. The lyrics are quite beautiful and the lyrics are very descriptive of the emotions and experiences that have led to the idea of Manithan. You can hear the lyrics over a beautiful melody and it really does evoke a feeling of hopelessness and despair.

The lyrics are the second reason I could mention Manithan Tamil songs. The lyrics are so beautiful that it’s hard to write about them because they are so beautiful. If you ever hear one of my songs in a film or TV show, you will probably cry when you hear it because it is so beautiful.

Manithan Tamil is a very popular Indian variety of Tamil songs. There’s a huge variety to choose from, and they are all so beautiful that you can’t help but cry when you hear one of them. I think the reason that Manithan Tamil songs are so popular is because they are so memorable. A song like ‘Raiyaan’ is an example of a Manithan Tamil song that will bring you right back to tears.

I think Manithan Tamil songs are one of the key reasons why Manithan Tamil songs are so popular. The songs range from sad to happy, and while everyone sings in Manithan Tamil, no one is sad. As a result, all of the songs will bring you right back to tears.

I think there is something very special about Manithan Tamil songs. I think it’s the fact that they are so memorable and so easy to remember that makes them so popular. I think that when you watch a Manithan Tamil song, it makes you feel like you’re actually singing the songs. The best part is that you don’t have to be a Tamil speaker to sing.

Manithan Tamil is the most popular of all the languages in India, and is the most popular in Tamil Nadu. It is spoken all over Tamil Nadu, and also in the Tamil Nadu region of Andhra Pradesh. The language is spoken in about 40 million people in the state of Tamil Nadu, and in about 10 million in Andhra Pradesh.

Manithan Tamil is a very difficult language to learn. There are only about 100,000 people who have a full-time job that makes it possible for them to learn this language. Most of the rest of the people who learn the language do so because they are unable to learn any other language, so learning this one is really a life-long process.

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