mad dog marketing


The most effective marketing is one that tells you what you want to hear.

A marketing campaign is not only one that is effective, but is also very fun to watch. As a marketing ploy, we have to make sure that what we’re doing is believable, and that it’s making sense to you.

In Mad Dog, we’re trying to win a game of poker against a series of brilliant, dangerous opponents. Each one of these opponents is a different kind of mad dog. We’re trying to put them all out of business, but the best way to do that is to tell people about the mad dog that we are playing against. Then we need to convince people to buy into the crazy marketing that’s going on.

Mad Dog is a game of intense, fast-paced violence; its been described as “blood-splattering, gun-shooting, zombie-slaying.” Like the games it seems to take the concept of “shooter” to the extreme, and to be honest, we have to agree that there are some things that are just so bloody and violent that it’s hard to remember them.

In fact, the games are often described as being about a mad dog, but the most accurate description of what we’re doing will probably be something called “mad dog marketing”. While the term “mad dog” is used to describe a dog, it’s more about a company who wants to make games that will appeal to people who are addicted to violence. In this case, the company is an online video game developer who wants to make a game that appeals to this sort of person.

mad dog marketing is also a bit of a misnomer. Many of these games are actually marketed as “methamphetamine-fueled” horror games. They will give you a quick high but there will be no lasting effects because they are designed to be played in the moment. Some people might say that’s a stretch, but it’s the kind of game that you’ll want to play in the moment.

Well, yes, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun. There are all kinds of video games that are designed to be fun, and they don’t have to be marketed as having a “lasting” effect. The problem is when these games are marketed as having “lasting” effects, they become addictive.

In the case of Mad Dog, the word “lasting” is used in ways that imply that the game will be fun in the short-term but in the end, it will ruin your health, your relationships, and your mind. If that is the case, then surely marketing a game as having lasting effects will become addictive. It’s hard to argue with that logic when you read the descriptions.

I get the sense that Mad Dog is an addictive game. Even if you don’t play it, you can see the addiction manifest in the reviews. The game is so addictive that even the “I can’t stop playing.” reviews are full of the same. It’s almost as if the game itself is the addiction.

Mad Dog has been a success as a game, but it has also been a success as a marketing tool. The fact that Mad Dog has become a multi-million dollar business, but also has a social media-only website doesn’t mean that it isn’t an addiction too. People just want to play it because they have to.

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