lucky in japanese


I love this phrase, it means “I have to admit, I was born lucky.” What this means is that you have a good life and you’re born successful, or something like that. It also means you don’t have to change all the time because of what you have or do.

It also means that you have to be careful not to be arrogant, because it is bad luck to try to make your own luck.

This is the phrase I love most, because it means I have to admit that I, like you, was born lucky, and if I change my luck (and not only because of my own luck), it means I have to admit that I made a bad choice. It also means I have to admit that I am not the only one who has had bad luck. I dont want to be the only one.

Luck, or luck as in the French word for good fortune, is one of those concepts that can be both good and bad. Luck is a state of being, where something seems to be working out just fine, but in fact it was all a bad accident. Luck can also be good, as in being lucky to get rich, or unlucky to lose it all, or lucky at getting married or unlucky at getting pregnant.


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