How Can I Get Bdo Token Of Friendship?


Two of these quests give 5 Tokens of Promise for every quest. Hexe Sanctuary Analysis from Becker, stationed on the highway to Hexe Sanctuary node. And there’s Ring of Sealed Magical Power from Bacho Ladericcio, situated on the Abandoned Monastery node. Ultimately, your aim is to acquire 7 Ring of Sealed Magical Power by killing mobs and finishing quests to get tokens.

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However, if used with 4 different Asula pieces, it’s the clear winner having a set bonus of +20 accuracy. Theres a quest chain you get from the banker in calpheon that may grant you a small chain quest to start getting these tokens. Post-maintenance timers are totally different from respawn timers.If you wish to start PVP with normal gear, you may wish to at least TRI armor.

Treant Spirit’s Cheer Necklace (+8 AP, +8 Accuracy). Treant Spirit’s Hope Belt (+5 AP, +2 Accuracy, 30LT)Loure’s Lost Armor SetThis is a pleasant armor set, but it’s not neccessary. The Ring of Power was added after Kama part 2 and allows players to get a 11ap ring.

It’s a noticeably more durable grind spot than Helms and therefore should be obtained final. This is the least valuable Asula accessory, which suggests you’ll have the ability to skip getting this belt and use the General’s Belt from Unstoppable Thirst for Power questline . The General’s Belt has a neat passive that increases PVE damage considerably, which is way extra useful than Asula’s Belt for killing monsters. These are the equipment that everybody have a tendency to make use of until they progress to the point of having TRI weapons and armor.

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