The Next Big Thing in failed to open stream: no such file or directory


I get asked this question a lot. When I first started using Word, it was a big deal to me that I had no file system because I started off in Linux and never used a floppy disk or hard-drive.

The problem is that Word, like most applications, stores everything on a local file system. You get a “.doc” file on your desktop that you can edit, open in your word processor, and save to your hard drive. If the file has a “.doc” suffix, it’s a document type called a Word document. If it doesn’t, it’s not a document and you can’t create it.

This is a problem for most people. They have to deal with the fact that they can’t edit a Word document. And many Word applications don’t actually store the file that you’re editing in a.doc file. Instead, the application creates a new file, called a “docx.” Then it saves the document to the hard drive and, like all other files, it can’t be edited.

Now, imagine you have no Word application. When you try to open a Word document, you get a popup with an error message saying (as opposed to the error message that you get when you open Word itself): “No such file or directory.” This is because the file is a.doc file, not a.doc. That is, it has no.doc suffix so the file isn’t a document type. You cant save it.

Word is a text editor. If you create a text document by just double-clicking on it, you can edit it. However, it doesnt have a.doc suffix, so it doesnt save to a.doc, so it cant be edited. The same is true for the documents that you create in Word.

The only good thing about this error message about a.doc is that it means that it failed to open Word. If you type a.doc into Word, you can save it as a document type. If you try to save it as a.doc, you will get that error message.

So it sounds like it’s not saving your document as a.doc file. Well, it’s not saving your document as a.doc file. It’s not saving it as a.doc file, but it’s saving it as a text file.

The fact of the matter is that.doc is an open standard format, so you can save a document in it. I would recommend using a different file type than.doc. As a general rule, the default is.doc. If you are creating a form or spreadsheet or any other file, you should try to save it as a.doc.

Now that you know the general rule and what you should probably do instead, you will have to be careful about which file type to use. Try saving as a.txt if you see a file structure that is different from a.doc. If you are writing a program that consumes text files and converts them to some other format, you should try saving as text instead.

Most of the time, when you save an XML file, you should use the Save As type. If you can’t find the Save As type, you should try saving as Other, or something else. When you are using a program that converts text files to another format, the conversion can sometimes fail, but the conversion process should still happen. If you are writing a program that consumes text files and converts them to some other format, you should try saving as text instead.

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