epic mess up at a critical moment


It’s not often that I’m going to write about “epic” mess ups! But a couple days ago I was at a very important meeting in the office. As I was leaving, my colleague and I were talking. She was sharing how she had just had to stop by the kitchen to get something out of the fridge. I had to stop by the kitchen to grab some food as well.

An epic mess up isn’t just your typical, “I accidentally broke a plate in the kitchen.” Epic mess ups are more like, “I accidentally left a plate in the kitchen.” A chef is either trying to cook something up in the kitchen, or he’s trying to sneak a few extra ingredients in to the kitchen (or he is trying to cook something up in the kitchen, and doesn’t notice the plate until he’s ready to place it on the plate.

Epic mess ups are when you leave something on your plate that you had intended to remove it from the plate. So what if you eat spaghetti for dinner, or you left a bowl of spaghetti on your plate. This is where it starts to get really tricky. For example, I have a lot of friends who cook something up in the kitchen and then leave it. They leave it on the plate, and then they arent supposed to eat it but they eat it anyway.

And then the plate is broken and they get mad and they run out to eat and they leave the plate on the ground.

Okay, so you’re still eating spaghetti.

You can always tell when something is really bad because the person who does it then goes and tells everyone about it. But you can also tell when something is really bad just by looking at it. Like if you look through a window at your local Taco Bell, you can tell that it has no place in your life.

So we were working on your website at the same time you were launching a new game. We were in the office working together and we were like, “So you know, we can always get a plate of spaghetti with our own hands.” And you’re like, “No. That’s not the point.” So now you can’t help yourself.

Exactly. This is why we do a lot of the things we do here. We work on you, we make you better, and we make you do cool stuff. The problem is, sometimes, you don’t do cool things.

Sometimes its not cool to do cool things. So we’ve been working on the same website since last September so that we can work together to make your website better. When you hire us, we make it clear that youre always welcome to come on site and work with us. We also make it clear that we dont want you to work on our site without our knowledge and that we will not ask for permission to do cool stuff.

This is important. If we ask you to do cool stuff without your permission, you could lose your job at Arkane. So weve made it clear that we will ask for permission from you before we do cool stuff for you. And we have made it clear that we will do cool things for you even if we ask for your permission.


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