character defects examples


These examples are not for those of you who are concerned about your character. I’ll start with character defects, as they are the most common.

Character defects are character flaws, but not all character features are defects. There are many ways in which a character can have character defects, but to use this example, the character who has a low IQ because of an IQ test is a typical example of character defects.

Character defects are a type of character flaw. In general, a character has character defects when it shows signs of being an idiot, a wimp, or someone who has no regard for other people. For example, a character that gets annoyed by people’s questions is likely to have a character defect.

I’m not sure I quite get the difference between character defects and character flaws, so I can’t help but wonder if you can have a character defect and still have a character flaw. Character defects, unlike character flaws, tend to be permanent and not situational.

In our game we’ve had numerous characters with character defects that you can’t help but notice. Some characters are so stupid that their character defects can actually be a character flaw.

For example, the player character of the game, Colt Vahn, has a character defect that his powers don’t work on certain things. For example, if he’s in the middle of a battle, he’s not going to have much of a problem dealing with a sniper. However, he does have a character flaw when he’s trying to save the life of a child. The other characters have characters flaws that are situational in nature.

It’s possible that your character defects are what you should avoid or that your character flaws are what you should strive for. The character defects may not be a good thing, but they can be a great thing too.

Some of the most memorable moments in video games are when the wrong character is used in a good way. In the case of Deathloop, the character defects are what make the game great.

When a character can’t act like a real person, that’s not a gameplay fault either. In fact, the more of a jerk a character is, the more fun the gameplay becomes. Like a jerk, character defects can be fun too. A character defect where the character is very rude to the other characters isn’t the fault of the character, it’s the fault of the game.

There are also character defects in video games where the character is bad in a way that makes the game worse. In that case, it’s the game’s fault.


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