a(n) __________ is created when sperm meets egg and contains all DNA necessary to create a person

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A lot of people are curious about how IVF works and if it’s safe. It is a common misconception that the process involves putting sperm into an egg, but actually, the fertilized egg goes straight to culture with no contact at all from the outside world.

In this post, we will discuss what IVF is, how it works and the benefits of this groundbreaking procedure. IVF, also known as “in vitro fertilization,” is a process in which eggs are retrieved from the woman’s ovaries and mixed with sperm outside of her body.

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The resulting embryo(s) grow to about eight cells each before going through an expansion phase called blastocyst where they become larger than 100 cells. After that, they can either be frozen or transferred back into the mother for implantation. The whole IVF process usually takes around ten days from start to finish and patients who undergo it generally feel much more refreshed afterwards.

It is estimated that one-third of infertile couples will eventually conceive using this procedure meaning there should never really be any fear when approaching it! 


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