a(n) ________ will stipulate what an employee should do when he notices something like a virus

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You know you have found a virus when your computer is acting up and it won’t let you do anything. The best thing to do is to shut off the computer, remove the battery or unplug it from the power supply, take out all of the cables and then use anti-virus software.

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Article Body: __ for what to do when you find a virus. A virus will be defined as any program that can attach itself to other programs, replicate and spread without the user’s knowledge or consent. This is not technically considered malware but it still poses significant risks if left untreated.

A person who finds themselves in this situation should shut down their computer immediately by using the power button on their device, remove all of the cables from it including those connected directly into an electrical outlet and then use anti-virus software like AVG AntiVirus Free Edition which has been designed specifically with viruses in mind so they know how best to protect your data from these dangers… The first thing you want to do when you see something unusual happen.


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