Academy awards audition

violin, music, composing @ Pixabay

This is a blog post about the academy awards audition. The blogger was at an audition for the movie La La Land and they were so impressed by this person’s performance that they wanted to share it with others.

So, here’s the video. I’m sorry about the quality of it but that’s all you get for now. In this person’s performance they were singing “The Fools Who Dream” from La La Land and what a great performance it was. They performed with such emotion, passion and conviction that even though she didn’t get through to be in the movie. You’ll never know because her voice sounds just as good on Youtube / Vimeo.

youtube, social networks, logo @ Pixabay

This is one of those videos where you don’t want to watch alone, at least not without tissues or some kind of emotional support sitting next to you (or maybe just some wine). It makes me think about my own struggles in life sometimes when things seem like everything is going.


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