abiotic factors like water are critical to most food chains,

wheat, wheat field, wheat spike @ Pixabay

When you think about the food chain, what do you picture? If you’re picturing a clear and linear process that goes from plants to animals, then your thinking is too simplistic. In reality, abiotic factors like water are critical to most food chains. Here are 8 ways how the environment impacts your food chain! – Water is the most important factor in how a food chain works. Without it, there would be no life on Earth to speak of! But water is different than other nutrients like light and oxygen because plants can’t make use of them without being rooted in soil or mud. And animals need water for drinking too. If you’re thinking about farming, think again: if your crop doesn’t have enough water available then all that time spent planting, weeding and harvesting will be wasted when everything dies off before harvest time. Lack of irrigation leads to lower yields from crops grown by farmers who rely on rainfall alone as their source of fresh water for the fields they work so hard at watering day after day – Soil acts as both


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