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Aaron Lewis – When I’m Gone Lyrics 1. I put my clothes on, 2. I turn the lights back on, 3. And I’ll be fine when the sun comes up tomorrow morning I’m just tired from thinking about you all day, And I’ve been trying to get over everything that’s happened between us. But nothing seems right without your smile shining in the morning light, Or your laugh echoing off of my walls at night. So now it’s time for me to say goodnight and goodbye tonight, which will make tomorrow easier on a broken heart like mine. But don’t worry baby because when I am gone – well life goes on-and one day so will this pain.” “When I’m Gone” is a song written by country singer Aaron Lewis of Staind fame with Jaren Johnston & Brad Arnold as co-writers and was released July 18th 2007 as his first solo single. The song is the first of two singles from Lewis’ debut album, Town Line released on November 13th 2007 and peaked at 11 in Billboard’s Hot Country Songs chart and was also his highest-charting country hit until “Save Me” reached number one in 2008. The song describes a time when Aaron will leave an individual behind for whatever reason (most likely death). He tells that person not to worry because life goes on after he leaves them. In this case it would be about him leaving someone due to being tired of thinking about them all day or they are trying to get over everything that has happened between them but nothing seems right without their smile shining in the morning light or their laugh echoing off of


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