a worker who is not using fall arrest protection loses his footing at the top of a six-story,

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Just when you think there can’t be any more bad news for the construction industry, a new article about a worker who falls to their death surfaces. The article tells of a man who was working on the roof of an apartment complex in London and had not been wearing fall arrest protection. He lost his footing at the top of six-story building and plunged to his death. The article goes on to say that this is the third such incident in just six months and it’s prompting many workers to question whether they should be wearing fall arrest protection. The author makes a point of reminding readers that one-third of construction accidents happen at heights, which makes height safety gear critical for protecting against falls from high places. He also points out that when equipment fails or isn’t used properly, injuries can lead to death – so every worker needs to know how to protect themselves by following proper procedures. It seems clear now why all levels of government are considering updating legislation surrounding workplace safety with regards to high buildings because if we don’t take action soon, these incidents will become more commonplace than rare occurrences. Worker Falls From


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