a womans heart should be so hidden,

heart, woman, sunset @ Pixabay

Emily Dickinson was a prolific poet who lived from 1830-1886. Her poems are often about death and love, but the one that is most famous for her poetic style is “A Womans Heart should be so Hidden.” The poem in its entirety reads: “A womans heart should be so hidden, So buried among her rights; The world would find it hard to prove, It beat at all if they could find it.” The poem talks about how a womans heart should be so hidden, and not easy to find. Dickinson writes that the world would have trouble finding it if they could at all. He also says in lines four through seven that she is talking about her own heart specifically: “A womans heart should be so buried among her rights.” Dickinson was born into what we might now call an upper-middle class family in Amherst, Massachusetts near Boston. She lived with her parents until their deaths in 1861 and 1874 respectively whereupon she got married herself. Her poems dealt heavily with love and death which can partly explain why many of them are considered dark or sadistic by some scholars today because these two topics were often linked


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