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What is ventilation?

Ventilation is a system that provides fresh air into the building and removes heat, odors, moisture, smoke, airborne particles and other substances from inside. Air enters through supply ducts or grilles in the walls or roof. It then flows across the ceiling where it is heated by warm surfaces such as people and lights.

The hot air rises to the upper levels of a building while cool air sinks to lower levels until it reaches openings called return vents. The air is finally drawn out of the building via supply ducts or grilles.

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Supply and return vents can be found in ceilings, walls, floors or on windows to control airflow. Blowers are usually used as part of a mechanical ventilation system because they provide consistent pressure for flow and volume at different speeds. Mechanical systems use electric motors that have variable speed settings to regulate airflow based on space needs A typical blower consists of an impeller (a rotating disk) inside an enclosed housing called a case.

The shaft is connected to a motor so it rotates when power is applied – with blades attached perpendicularly around the outside edge that push air through the vent openings.


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