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A recent report has shown that there are more millennials than any other generation in the workforce. Do you know what percentage? The majority of business owners understand that they need to hire and retain talent, but many of them don’t know how. This is because there is a lack of knowledge about the millennial population and their needs. In today’s blog post, we will answer this question: “What percentage of all employees are millennials?” The majority of millennials (74%) are reportedly unemployed. This is because they lack the basic skills and life experience that employers have come to expect from new hires. The good news? There’s help available for these individuals, in the form of training programs, technology tutorials and more. To increase your chances of hiring a millennial who will succeed within your business culture and stay with you long-term you’ll want to invest time into developing training programs tailored specifically to this generation. When it comes down to it, many people view millenials as difficult employees but when properly trained or mentored they can be highly successful assets on any team! With proper management strategies such as investing in their future success through education,


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