a student who collapses and starts shaking is definitely having a seizure and should be left alone.,

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If you ever find yourself in a situation where someone is having a seizure, the most important thing to do is keep calm and stay with them. Sit them down gently if they are standing or let them lie on their side on the ground. You should also remove any objects that could injure them from around their head – things like pens, headphones, or anything else that might fall off of a table nearby. If they are sitting and slumped over, you can try to gently hold their head. If someone is having a seizure in the water it is important that they don’t go into full submersion – make sure to stay with them or have someone else there who can help. Do not place anything on top of them while they convulse as this may cause suffocation! When the seizure has ended keep an eye out for any changes in breathing pattern during recovery from the episode. Approximately one-third of all seizures will last long enough for people around them to notice before most people stop shaking., The majority of those seizures won’t be severe and generally end within just 30 seconds. Although many more than half do happen


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