a strategic prospecting plan should include all of the following except?,

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The success of your strategic prospecting plan depends on the quality and quantity of prospects you have. If there’s a piece missing from your plan, that may be what is preventing it from being successful. In this blog post, we’ll outline 12 ways to boost your strategy with more prospects to make it truly effective!  Do you know your ideal customer profile?  Have you honed in on the demographics and psychographics of this person or family unit?  How many leads do you need to generate a sale for your company’s product/service needs every month, quarter, year..?  What percentage of these prospects will convert into actual sales after they’re contacted by one of your team members? We’ll call them “sales qualified” prospects. (What is it?) Oftentimes the success rate can be shockingly low – around 20%. That means that out of 100 prospects contacted each week only about two may actually buy from us! This results in time wasted prospecting and money spent on a more expensive marketing


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