a stock character is one that’s,

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A stock character is one that’s been used before in other stories or films, but it can be used to great effect if done correctly. This blog post will discuss the benefits of using a stock character and how you might go about creating your own! The first thing to consider when writing with a stock character is whether this particular story needs one at all. A lot of times they’re overused because authors think “well every good story has these types!” Don’t feel like you need a specific type for thematic reasons or anything, just keep things as naturalistic as possible. If there are external forces driving the use (ie: plot-wise) then maybe take some time to brainstorm what kind would work best for those circumstances. The next thing to consider is what type of stock character you want, where they fall on the spectrum between a protagonist and an antagonist. There are many different types that could be used but it really depends on your story and who these characters will serve as whether they’re villains or heroes. Consider how much time you’ll spend with this person in comparison to others in order to determine their level of importance; if it’s going to be very little then don’t put too much thought into making them detailed! Some examples would be: – The quirky sidekick (think Hermione Granger from Harry Potter) – A lovable fool (Canterbury Tales by Chaucer) – Morally gray villain/antihero (


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