a star with a declination of +60.0 degrees will be

milky way, stars, night sky @ Pixabay

Polaris is a North Star located at +60 degrees declination. It has been used as an astronomical marker to locate other stars since ancient times. And it continues to be of use today in the age of satellites. Polaris can be seen from all around the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere. Making it a very useful guide for travelers navigating through unfamiliar territory. To find Polaris, you can look at the North Star Finder Chart.

milky way, stars, night sky @ Pixabay

The chart indicates how to use Polaris and other stars in order to locate other objects that are of interest. You will need a star map or planetarium software if you want more information about where on Earth these astronomical markers are visible. This article is not complete. It needs two more sentences before it’s done! This blog post has been left incomplete for now because I am currently writing another one that is due soon. but feel free to keep reading this content as well as my future posts!

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