a) how will increasing the concentration of co shift the equilibrium?,


This is an article about what would happen if we increased the concentration of CO in our atmosphere. It talks about how this change will shift the equilibrium and how it could affect global temperatures. Tags: environment, climate change. The CO content of the atmosphere is around 0.04%. There are many ways to increase its concentration and while it might sound like a good idea at first, when we look at how much more it will take for there to be enough in order to cause global warming on Earth, we come up against some major difficulties. The equilibrium shifts as soon as we do that and our planet starts heating up too quickly which could lead to extreme consequences such as an ice age or even the extinction of humankind from natural disasters caused by this drastic shift. So far scientists have been unsuccessful in their attempts at reducing co levels so all hope rests with us taking personal responsibility for what happens next since only humans can stop burning


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