5’1 fictional characters


A lot of fiction shows in which the main character is 5’1 or taller. I always liked the idea of larger characters because it was a reminder that you did not have to be tall to play a lead role. Also, I think this helps the writers of the show get the reader more into the characters.

When it comes to fictional characters, we tend to think of them as being big and powerful, but the truth is, most of us are actually physically small to a point we’d consider “normal,” and we tend to use our height as a form of “non-threateningness.” The reason why we’re not as tall as say, Superman is that we are “in between the dimensions.” We’re the same height he is, but we’re not exactly the same skin color.

Of course, while we are physical objects, we are created in the image of our creator. We are born with what our creator tells us to look like, and we develop our features to the same specifications at the same time. It’s not like we can just run into the nearest mirror and change the image of ourselves. We are not just made physically, we are made emotionally, and that’s what we are trying to find out about our creator.

We often hear that the only way to achieve true self-awareness is through a therapy session with a therapist. We believe that we cannot truly know ourselves as we are until we have a chance to talk to a person who has truly known them personally. By the looks of the two people who are currently talking to us, they believe they know the character in the story of their creation.

One of the problems we see in this world is the lack of true self-awareness. With so many people not knowing who their real creators are, we cannot truly know ourselves, we can only assume. We all have our “creator” and we all have to work for a living. The problem is that because we aren’t in the “real world” as we perceive it most of us are not using our Creator’s abilities fully.

I feel as though we are missing out on so many great stories and characters because we dont look at ourselves through the eyes of others. We see other people’s stories and characters and we act like they are real. We also see ourselves in a way that the characters in our stories arent. For example, we all know that the character in our story is a bit of a jerk. We see him as he is. We see him the way he is and assume he is a jerk.

It’s hard to describe, but the person in the story you know is a jerk. You know that based on the story you are reading. You know the character because you are viewing the story through the eyes of the author.

For example, I am a tall, thin, very masculine, Caucasian male with a good head on my shoulders. My character is also tall, thin, masculine, Caucasian male with a good head on his shoulders. He is also a jerk because he is a jerk.

I am short, dark, very feminine, Caucasian male with a nice face, good eyes, good hair, good smile, nice clothes, and a nice personality. I’m also a jerk because I am a jerk.


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