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This is one of the best places to find a quality business center in Phoenix.

What makes it great is that it is located in a historic neighborhood with an art gallery, wine bar, and restaurant. But it is also conveniently located right next to the new 1844 building, which is being renovated. The new building will be a great addition to the 1845 building, which will be fully restored after the current owners leave.

This is the perfect example of a great space in need of a complete restoration. It is also a great example of a business that was in a great spot in the past, but has been neglecting its current customer base. The business in question is the family-owned business located in the neighborhood. But it has been losing customers to the new 1844 building, which is being built for the office of a new corporate CEO.

This is a great example of a business that needs to move in order to survive. The 1844 building is the exact same size as the one in 1845. It’s been sitting vacant for well over a hundred years, and it was in a great location. It also needs to be saved.

First, to be clear, I’m not a huge fan of the 1844 building at all. The space is actually so cramped that you can hardly squeeze your head in there. If I were the CEO of the company that owned the building, I’d be doing everything in my power to tear the building down and replace it with an office building that is twice as big and twice as nice. The issue is what to do with the space once it’s vacant.

In 1845, a bank was established in the building. This was the start of what is now known as the First United States Bank (now First National). Although it didn’t start as a bank, it was the first institution to issue bills of exchange, which is a process that allows for more private and decentralized trade. It also had credit unions, which are community-based financial services that allow businesses to work together for the purpose of mutual benefit.

The First United States Bank was incorporated under the State of Delaware and it was the first bank to issue bills of exchange. It was also the first bank to issue credit unions. A credit union is the first bank to issue a bank account. Credit unions are community banks that are used for mutual benefit.

So what’s the deal with this 1845 credit union on a strip mall? Well, it’s a local historical museum. But it also has a business center where you can get your business done. The business center is for your personal business such as your company headquarters, your accountant’s office, your office receptionist’s office, your attorney’s office, your home office, your personal office, etc. etc. etc.

The idea is for it to be a place where the community can come together and come together in a productive way to talk about their business. However, the building is currently being used as a storage facility for a very large and quite expensive piece of equipment that’s being used for the museum. This equipment is being used to create a computer animation piece for a documentary film.

the company behind the building is named “1845 Business Center” and the building is named after the year 1845. The building itself is a glass and steel building with a large entry hall and a huge atrium. The atrium has a huge glass wall that runs across the entire top of the building and an elevator that goes up to the building’s roof.

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