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Well, yelena is a delicious dish. It’s a perfect dish for a summer home. It’s also very easy to make. It’s simple to assemble, so let’s get going on this recipe. I’m going to do one thing and then I’ll do another. With this recipe I made a batch of tomato sauce and topped it with two tablespoons of fresh basil.

To make a tomato sauce you need two cups of paste, a cup of sugar, 2 cups of water, and four cups of fresh tomatoes. To make the basil, you need a bunch of basil flowers. You can cut the leaves and put them in a food processor. Or you can use your hands. Either way, just get everything into the sauce.

When all the sauce ingredients have been combined the sauce can be frozen (or thawed) for up to about 10 minutes. Once frozen, add the basil and basil leaves to the sauce and thaw for up to 2-3 minutes.

The final step of the process, which is optional, is to add a cup of chopped garlic to the sauce. The garlic will keep for a couple of days in the refrigerator, but once frozen it will stay in the freezer for about a week. It is safe to eat if your sauce is frozen, but not for long.

If you want to eat with your mouth closed, use a pan or two of water to coat the sauce. It’s best to use a non-stick pan, as cooking doesn’t always work.

Basil is also a very good ingredient for sauces. You can add it to sauces in just about anything, and it gets a lot of use in the cooking. It can be used in place of meat, fish, and poultry (for example, in meat and fish recipes). It’s also good in soups, stews, and other stuff, so it’s an ingredient you’ll want to keep in the cabinet.

Basil is also an excellent ingredient in pesto, a very popular ingredient in pesto recipes. It will make your pesto sauce more tasty by boosting its acidity, and you can use it in place of meat, poultry, and fish to make meat and fish recipes less fishy.

Basil is another plant that is used in pestos, but you can use it in place of meat and fish too. You can add it with a little salt and pepper and your pesto sauce will be more flavorful and pesto like.

It’s also a great plant to add to a salad recipe, because it’s highly nutritious and has high levels of folate. It’s a good source of Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, and it’s also good for your skin. You can use it in place of meat and fish in any recipe, because you can get all of these nutrients from a single serving of basil.

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