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The company’s stock soared Thursday after announcing a big increase to the company’s dividend. This is the second time in two weeks that the company has reported a whopping dividend increase as the stock soared to record heights.

Yahoo? Is a company that is one of the most well known and popular news sources on the internet. I mean you can follow Yahoo for hours on end without missing a single article. It’s one of those things that just seems to be the norm.

Yahoo’s stock has been rising steadily for years now, so why did the company announce such an increase? Well, I think the company is making quite possibly the biggest move in its history. Yahoo is a company that is one of the largest providers of online content for more than one billion people around the world. For a company that has always focused on the bottom line, that’s quite a big move. So maybe there’s a good reason for the company to go big with its dividend increases.

Yahoo is also a company that has been in trouble recently, with a series of major mergers, acquisitions, and layoffs. So, if the company is going to increase its dividend, why not increase it big? Yahoo’s stock just traded at $18.50 a share earlier this year. Now they’re up to $28.50.

Yahoo already has a record for increasing their dividends and has done so twice before, with an increase in May 2009 and January 2010. However, Yahoo is not the only company that has done this recently. Google, Apple, and even Microsoft all have been increasing their dividends recently, so might be even more apropos for Yahoo. On top of that, with the stock recently trading at a high of $35, the company also has many more shareholders than just Yahoo’s.

Yahoo is trying to get back to profitability again, and that could mean a new dividend increase, but the company has already had a large increase in recent years. For many years, Yahoo has been making a huge amount of money from the stock they give to shareholders. The latest increase takes it to 28.50 a share, and that’s a lot more than just a dividend increase.

Yahoo is the second biggest internet company in the world, but they have been plagued with several management scandals. The most recent being when the company’s CEO, Marissa Mayer, was accused of sexual harassment, and after one year, the company gave her a severance package worth $14 million. Still, Yahoo is by far the largest internet company in the world, and the fact that they make a lot of money from stock dividends makes them big.

Yahoo’s stock price has been steadily increasing since 2004, but they have been struggling with a lot of things. One of the biggest is their Internet segment. Yahoo’s Internet division has been under the control of a management team that has been in place since 1997. The problem is the internet isn’t just some place you go to to get online.

Over the past decade, the internet has become the primary source of internet traffic. Yahoo made a fortune selling online advertising to advertisers, but they are now suffering because of the internet. Its a lot of people and a lot of ads, and the internet isnt really a place you go to to get online.

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