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“Mat Amat” A blog features stories of people who are working to make the world more sustainable. “Mat Amat” is also looking to hear from people who are interested in writing guest posts. If you have something to share, please contact them at EMAIL

Every day we face a plethora of sources for information about sustainable living, and the role that we need to play in that field; however, our attention is captured by more than just the news of these changes and how they affect our lives. A blog called “Mat Amat” has captured people’s attention by chronicling the stories of change agents around the world.

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Guidelines for writing for us:

Guest posts should be 500 words min. and 700 words max. No more than 2 links are allowed in the body of the post and we ask that you place them no-follow. Breaking these guidelines will lead to immediate removal from our blog, without notice.

“Mat Amat” has been around since 2010, but recently they have gained a following thanks to their social media exposure on twitter, facebook and digg.com. They are also now adding blogs from guest writers on their site in order to grow the site even further. Writers can submit content through the contact form on their site which is linked on their about page. They also accept guest posts from other blogs and individuals that can be written for them.

“Mat Amat ” is currently looking for guest post writers from around the world. Authors can submit content by submitting it directly on their contact page via the form. The submission process is a bit different on their site than other sites, as they have several images that they use to categorize posts. After submitting your content, you will see your post appear in a category on their home page. Most authors find that the categories become easier to navigate after a few revisions, so this might take some time if you are unfamiliar with the site. They also have a featured content section on their homepage that showcases the work of the authors featured. 

Since they are a more popular site, they are always looking to grow and gain more new writers. If you would like to submit your work, please contact them directly:

“Mat Amat” will only accept submissions via email. Please also include your full name and website if you would like to be promoted on their site. They do not accept guest posts from writers with less than 5 followers on their personal blog or less than 50 followers on their personal twitter or facebook account. They do not accept blog posts that violate the guidelines listed above. These guidelines are to keep the quality of the site high and maintain consistencies across all their posts and their social media presence.

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“Mat Amat” will only accept content from bloggers with a following of less than 1000 people. Not only does this show that you have a dedicated following, it also shows that you are as passionate about your blog as they are about theirs. Content from new writers who have no experience in blogging or social media is not accepted, so don’t worry if you don’t even have a blog, but want to write for them instead! If you would like your work featured on their site, please contact them:To submit content, please email aryan@guestfluencer.com