words and phrases that appeal to the five senses


So here are some of the words that have been used to describe the five senses; they are useful for understanding how these three categories of senses are affected by other senses, and which ones are most affected by the others.

The first sense is the sense of sight. Because of its physical presence, sight is an invaluable tool for making decisions and for making decisions about the world. Seeing something clearly and being able to describe it is the first step in making a decision about what you’re going to do with it.

You see, the second sense is the sense of smell. The human nose is a very powerful tool for smelling, and smell is the third sense. Because smells are such a powerful influence on our emotions, it is extremely useful for making decisions about the world.

The smell of a coffee cup can tell you whether to buy a new car or not, whether to go on a vacation or not, or whether or not to go into an office in the morning. The smell of a good meal tastes like something worth eating, and the smell of a delicious smell can tell you whether you should go to the gym in the morning or not.

There are four basic smells that impact our decisions: sweet, sour, sour, and bitter. Sweet smells can be enjoyed by a child when they are sick, and sour smells can be avoided by avoiding certain foods. Sour smells can be avoided by avoiding sex, and bitter smells can be avoided by avoiding certain activities.

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that the five senses are (basically) a huge part of how we perceive the world. For example, you might know that you smell of sweat when you’re running a marathon, but you might not know that your sweaty shirt and running shoes are making the rest of the world smell like sweat. You might not even notice that your hands smell of sweat, but that’s because you lack self-awareness.

You can’t avoid all of the senses by avoiding activities. You can avoid one or two of them, but you can’t avoid all of them. If you can’t avoid certain activities then you might as well just stop doing them (which I think is pretty much what Colt is doing) because there are so many other things that you can do instead.

I think you are totally correct there. Yes, you can do things that might be better. Yes, you can do things that are just easier. But even if you think your doing things better, you cant really avoid them because you lack self-awareness.

It is something that is taught very, very early in our education that we are just animals. It is also something that makes some folks believe that somehow it is ok to do things to other people that are not even bad. I don’t know any sane person who thinks it is ok to do anything that might kill you or something. But you can always say that you know that it might be bad and you will never do it because you are going to be a good person in the end.

It is ok to do the things that have been described in the preceding list that are actually bad. Like killing people. But it is ok to do those things. In fact, that is kind of the point of killing people. However, it is a bad thing to intentionally do bad things (such as taking someone’s life). Therefore, it is ok to take someone’s life, but it is bad to take someone’s life intentionally.


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