why do authors use irony


The reason why authors use irony in their writing is because irony is used to show the reader something that they wouldn’t see otherwise. It’s used to remind the reader of the subtle, yet profound ways in which an author can express certain ideas or thoughts. It can be used to show how the author can go against the grain of what others are saying, or how he or she can be the polar opposite of how others would expect them to be.

When a writer wants to be different, they sometimes use irony to do so. An example is the use of irony in the following quote from John Irving in his infamous “The Lost Symbol” book.

Author John Irving, who’s done some pretty wild and scary stuff in his career, is not a fan of irony.

A good example of irony is a quote from the book The Secret of Kells by Robert Graves. It’s the first sentence of the chapter about King Edward in the book, which in itself is a strange choice to use irony for. However, the following sentence is a great example of irony. It’s the first sentence of this chapter, telling us the story of King Edward’s first wife, Eleanor of Castile.

Why do authors use irony in their stories? Because it’s an effective storytelling tool. The best way to convey a message is to be honest and direct. It’s a way of saying “hey, here’s my point and I think you should hear it.” It’s not a way to just go off on a tangent and spout off random thoughts.

Another choice of irony is to be sarcastic. Or, as a recent study from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign shows, sarcasm is actually an effective way to communicate.

While a lot of authors are very careful about the ways they use irony, some tend to not use it at all. This is probably because it makes no sense. In a world where the internet is awash in irony, it seems like a small thing to choose to not use it.

Some authors feel that they are using irony to play into their audience’s emotions (this is a very subjective decision) They’re not really saying anything important about the topic, and it’s not a matter of if they’re using it, it’s a matter of when they’re using it.

I suppose if youre a reader who feels that youre getting a good deal when you buy a book, then you might be using irony to get a good deal, but most of us aren’t going to be that way. We are, at least as much, just fans of the book, which is why we love reading books.

Of course, you dont really need to be that cynical about the whole thing. Its not the writers job to say why they use irony, they just do. The important thing is that youre going to be able to buy the book and enjoy it, not that youre going to believe everything they say about it.


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