What Is Antagonistic Possession? Common Regulation Requirements


7 A.L.R.4th 1202. If the legislation enforcement agency approves the regulation enforcement officer’s request to travel to the funeral, the regulation enforcement company shall approve the least pricey means of transportation beneath subdivision of this section. “MOTOR VEHICLE ACQUISITION REVOLVING FUND — MOTOR VEHICLE. PURCHASES/RENOVATION. At least fifty percent (50%) of the overall revenues and/or basic improvement funds deposited into the Motor Vehicle Acquisition Revolving Fund shall be used for motor vehicle purchases and/or motor vehicle renovation costs for the Department of Arkansas State Police. Upon approval by the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State, the appropriation and funds shall be transferred from the Motor Vehicle Acquisition Revolving Fund to the designated appropriation and fund of the state agency.

For no lease or end of lease evictions, the proprietor might concern a 7-Day Notice to Quit for week-to-week tenancies and 30-Day Notice to Quit for month-to-month tenancies. After their incapacity has ended , the landowner has three years to reassert that they’re the rightful house owners of the land in query. If that house is occupied or the proprietor has explicitly restricted their presence, yes, that is trespassing. If they haven’t any purpose to assume they shouldn’t be there, then they’re protected beneath Arkansas squatter legislation.

They may imagine that they are entitled to the land as a result of they’ve improved it, because they’ve lived there for a number of years constantly, or for a host of different causes. However, if a holdover tenant is notified that they have what credit bureau does citi use to depart and so they refuse to, they can be subject to authorized motion. They may be sued for unlawful detainer. If a holdover tenant has acquired a notice asking them to depart, they can’t declare antagonistic possession.

Whenever a cancellation or correction certificate has been recorded in the data of the Commissioner of State Lands, the Commissioner of State Lands shall issue a cancellation or correction deed on property which has been redeemed, sold, or otherwise disposed of as tax-forfeited land. The Commissioner of State Lands shall ahead the deed to be filed within the county the place the property is located. No swamp, inner enchancment, seminary, or saline lands shall be sold for lower than two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per acre, and no state college land shall be sold for lower than two dollars and fifty cents ($2.50) per acre nor for less than the market worth ascertained by appraisement.

State agencies could transfer lands in entire or in part to the Building Authority Division for the use of that agency or different state companies. D. The change of state lands for other lands which are appropriate for state functions if the Secretary of the Department of Finance and Administration has made a suggestion to the Governor that the trade be made and if the Governor has permitted the change. No refund shall be made underneath this section except the quantity in extra of the sum legally due the state on the time of purchase or redemption. Any claimant for a refund of purchase cash shall be chargeable with the value of any timber, stone, or mineral or other thing of value offered, destroyed, or removed from the lands or islands concerned. When there are conflicting claims to swamp and overflowed lands, the Commissioner of State Lands may administer oaths and shall decide, upon correct discover to the parties and upon hearing testament and statements beneath oath, to whom the patent certificates shall be issued in accordance with the law on the subject and shall concern the patent certificate accordingly.