Watch My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 9 Episode Thirteen


At Canterlot Castle, Celestia and Luna excitedly put together for their impending vacation, however whereas Celestia craves adventure and pleasure, Luna needs for some rest from her dream-watching duties. They resolve to take turns doing what they each want to do throughout their “sister trip” to have the ability to accommodate each of their wishes. The episode begins at Sweet Apple Acres, the place a giant turtle is eating all of Applejack’s family’s apple bushes. When Spike is caught by the enormous turtle’s lengthy tongue and in danger of being eaten, the Mane Six work collectively to save lots of him and get the turtle to stop consuming the bushes. Before Twilight Sparkle can teleport the giant turtle elsewhere, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna seem to step in and take over, attacking the creature a couple of instances earlier than teleporting it.

I mostly write fluff, but if there’s angst, it is a hurt/comfort so it normally ends in fluff. I guess Aftermath ends more ominously , so that’s the closest I can think of to an angsty ending. I do know that Chapter 4 of A Miracle Starts With a Beat of a Heart ends in slight angst since that part of the fic is between seasons 5 and 6, so that they get the information that Coulson dies at the end of it.

She is making an attempt hide that she is scared to be able to impress her older sister determine Rainbow. It’s a super candy episode with tremendous trippy nightmare imagery. The dream segments are actually cool and really becoming for the spooky season. Nope, however I suppose it was my freshman yr of excessive school, me and my associates wrote “””fics””” about one another, and it was tremendous weird but tremendous humorous at the identical time. This is only the second time in the show that the princesses have been central characters in an episode, they usually deal with that function famously. This could the be the strangest message you will ever receive but I do hope you may take the time to read it and contemplate what I actually have to say.

I watched it back when I was like 12 or 13 and it’s such a nostalgic show for me. My favorite was one about Shawn stealing makeup and stuff and exploring gender (need extra fics like this I’m biiii). This show is a media embodiment of a fat, ugly, unattractive lady giving delivery to somewhat girl that grew as a lot as be the most nicely liked chick on the planet. It was low cost cat scratches eyebrow, stupid, cardboard, pointless, ugly, horrible trite. This iteration of MLP was made in 2010, and phrases cannot describe its high quality by comparison. It is LEAGUES better than its predecessors, with smooth and believable animation, very deep and fascinating characters, a well-structured plot, grade-A voice acting and a fully-orchestrated musical score by Daniel Ingram.

This present has the sort of stunning, sincere effort that all of us see in Disney productions. Twilight realizes she by no means returned a e-book to the Canterlot Library and should have caused her favourite librarian to lose her job. A large part of the fanon’s collective consensus about Luna’s character in these days began there. The complete episode was the princesses being dorks on holiday, so to suddenly convey it back to some tremendous srs buried traumas from the previous was weird. They may most likely have had a brief falling out without diving back into the whole “you imprisoned me” saga.