The unhide youtube channel Awards: The Best, Worst, and Weirdest Things We’ve Seen


The following video is probably not for everyone. It is about hiding your youtube channel under a mirror, so that you can check out your own reflection in the mirror while you watch your favorite video. I’m sure it is a bit over the top, but it is a great lesson in self-awareness.

I’m not sure if the video is actually self-aware, but the author was definitely very aware of how he was using the mirror to hide his channel. That level of self-awareness is actually pretty remarkable considering the level of freedom of movement that is possible with youtube.

You can always hide your youtube channel under a mirror, but doing it so blatantly is a bit creepy, and it still might be self-aware.

The level of self-awareness is actually quite remarkable considering the level of freedom of movement that is possible with youtube. Your channel is basically free to be published and you can have it in any of your preferred places (the YouTube homepage, the sidebar, or the Top 10 lists). You can even post your own videos to be seen by others. That’s pretty impressive, considering that you don’t even own the copyright to the video.

And the video is also so blatantly self-aware that I have to wonder if the creators actually have any idea what they are saying. It might be just a bunch of random gibberish, but it could still be interpreted as self-aware, especially if you are at least a fairly intelligent human. But that is besides the point right now.

So it’s just a matter of time before the videos start to become a reality in the form of a completely new trailer. I’m going to put it off until the trailers get better and better.

As for the videos, they’re only part of the news. They’re just one small part of the announcement for the upcoming Deathloop game, which is going to be a game about the weird and wonderful ways we communicate and interact with one another.

For now, though, you can just read about them as they’re released, or search for them on There are also YouTube channels that are devoted to the story, and there are a few dedicated “in-game” channels as well.

This is an example of one of the many channels that exist on As far as I can tell, the only things you will be able to do in Deathloop are interact with the Visionaries in a variety of ways, and try to find out what happens. All of the content on this site is free.

There are also a range of YouTube channels that are dedicated to the story, and some dedicated in-game channels. I like the one on because it also features exclusive content that isn’t often found elsewhere and it’s free.

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