thought rhyming words


I can’t believe you’re saying this, but I’m going to pretend you said it. You are a very good writer.

It’s because I haven’t written anything in, like, a decade. So for this I apologize in advance. I am trying to write this blog post at the end of a really long day and I need to get it done before I fall asleep.

I find this funny because my brain is full of rhyming words. I usually have to write a page and then go back to my first page to type the next. That is why I have an awful habit of typing out the first part of a sentence.

Yes, I know that rhyming words, while fun, can be distracting, so be careful. And while you can and should be using them to your advantage, think of it this way: If you were to write a poem like, “You were so awesome, I had to write the first part of the first stanza” you’d be writing a poem that’s more a jumble than a poem.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I have a jumble in my head. In fact, I’ve written a lot of poetry lately. I tend to write it out, and then I don’t have to worry that I’ll miss any words or the first part will be in my head before I even get to the second.

This is the way the world works. If you are writing a poem, you are the only one who has to worry about the exact words and sentence structure. That doesn’t mean that you can’t add a few extra syllables if you wish. Just make sure that you aren’t writing “You were so awesome, I” and suddenly have a great poem.

Most of the time, I can tell when I have a good poem in my head. It seems like I write it out in its entirety before I even have a chance to see it. I find writing that way to be very relaxing because of the complete in-the-moment feeling that comes from the poem.

It seems like most people who write poetry tend to write out of obligation.

You will only really see this effect with a poem or song that is written from the perspective of the listener. For example, the first time I heard or saw Prince Charming’s “One Night in Bangkok” I was so overwhelmed with excitement and awe that I thought the entire song was written for me.

I find writing that way to be very relaxing because of the complete in-the-moment feeling that comes out of it. I love the way that it makes you feel, the way you can’t help but feel when you just sit down and read it. It feels as real as an actual moment in time as opposed to a snapshot in a past tense. I love writing poetry because I love getting lost in the words and being able to feel that way.


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