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It didn’t sound quite right — higher than he would’ve imagined. And Thomas knew he’d never forget the words. Dashner also makes symbolic gestures in the format of the Glade. The space is comprised of several smaller areas with designated names like the Homestead, the Blood House, the Gardens, and the Deadheads. The Homestead is a transparent safe area, a literal home for these youth who in any other case wouldn’t have one. The Gardens are pretty self-explanatory.

Of the Elegy there are three copies in Gray’s handwriting extant; the one mentioned already, which can be thought-about as the tough draft; this was purchased in 1875 by Sir Wm. It shall be referred to in these notes, after Mr Rolfe, because the Fraser MS. Another copy was in Wharton’s possession, and accordingly is within the Egerton MSS. I really have by no means seen it, for once I consulted the Wharton Letters there, the Elegy had been taken out for exhibition. Of the third, the MS. at Pembroke College, Cambridge, I made such memorands as a quick opportunity admitted. Many subsequently of the Various Readings here recorded are given on the faith of earlier editors. The Elegy leaped instantly into monumental reputation.

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Couldn’t help being impressed — Minho didn’t even must slow down to do it. Minho looked up at him, a flash of anger in his eyes. He believed it — he’d realized the large scale when he’d been to the Cliff. Hallucinations …” Then he shook his head. Chuck didn’t say something, however Thomas thought he heard the slightest of sniffles.

Rather, the common interest in Teresa upon her arrival underlines Dashner’s creation as an unfortunately heteronormative group. Though we all know little about her at this point within the novel, there are quick clues which tell us that she is special or vital in some profound method. First, there’s the obvious proven reality that she is female, the primary ever of her sex to return to the Glade.