te amo mi amor

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This is the title of a song by Spanish singer/songwriter Juanes when he was just 19, and it shows how he was always in love with a girl. His lyrics touch on the topic of love, but it becomes even more profound when he talks about having to leave her.

To say that he was always in love with a girl is not a compliment, but it is very clear when he talks about love. He’s really never been like this.

Juanes’ lyrics in the song “Te amo mi amor” show that he was always, always, always in love with the same girl. Not only did he write the song during his time in Spain, but he was so in love with her that he was forced to leave her for almost a year. He had to leave her because he was in love with another girl, and he’s still in love with her.

Juanes is a real person, and the video shows his love for the same girl, and that they are still in love. We can only imagine that he would have returned to his old love, or at least not be in love with the same girl.

We love Juanes for writing the song, and also for the fact that he had to leave his love for almost a year, but the fact remains that he is still in love with the same girl.

I think we can all agree that Juanes is a good person. The video is very beautiful, and also very touching. It’s also sad to see that Juanes has to leave his love because she is obsessed with another dude, so there is a reason why he left.

I think Juanes is a good person too, but he is also a douche, and sometimes he’s just too damn self-righteous to be a good person.

I don’t think Juanes is a douche as much as he is a hypocrite. He believes in love, he believes that he deserves love, and he believes that he is worthy of love. However, he also believes that he is deserving of being loved by a woman because he is worthy of it.

For Juanes, his ego, self-righteousness, and hypocritical behavior are part of his personality. His self-righteousness is at least partially based on his desire to be loved by a woman. He is not worthy of a woman’s love because he is worthy of it, so he is hypocritical. He believes that he deserves love, and he believes he is worthy of it. However, he also thinks he deserves to be loved because he is worthy of it.

There are a few interesting parallels between Juanes and our own personalities. Juanes is a perfectionist and someone who is very aware of his own flaws. He is very sensitive about his flaws and how he treats other people. He is very proud of his defects. If he was perfect, he would not be able to do what he does. He also thinks that he is perfect. He believes that he has nothing to learn or grow and that his flaws will never affect him.

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