symbols for characteristics


I think this is a really interesting topic, because I think it is a very good idea to put those different kinds of experiences on a color wheel, and that is what we did with the symbols for our 3 characteristics.

We used colors that are associated with different kinds of experiences. They ranged from the more literal (like blue for happiness) to more abstract (like white for happiness). We made the symbols that correspond with that kind of experience have different colors (blue for happiness, pink for anger, and green for sadness).

It’s great that you want to make your life more colorful! I’m not so sure that’s a life worth living, but for right now, it’s a good plan.

I’m not really a fan of the way our symbols are used because it feels like they are making a statement about you. Instead of being a statement about your personality, it feels like you are saying you have a certain thing or a quality. For example, you might be unhappy with your hair and we could use red as a symbol for this, as it matches the color of your hair perfectly. It also gives us an idea of what we might be able to do to improve ourselves.

The same thing can be said about our own actions as well. Instead of just using symbols to describe the qualities we have, we could just as easily use symbols to describe our own actions. For example, we could use yellow and be unhappy, angry, or aggressive. This is a little bit more creative, but it still does the same thing, in a slightly different way.

We can use our own actions to create symbols of ourselves, or we can use symbols created by others. In a very similar way, by using symbols created by others we can create our own, but we can also use symbols created by others to create other symbols for ourselves. We can use the symbols that we created by others to create other symbols that we create ourselves. In this way, we create our own self-referential world.

This is a form of self-perpetuation, or self-sustaining. By making our own world, we can create other worlds for ourselves, and we can create worlds of our own creation, which we can then make other worlds of ours, etc.

This is a very powerful concept. If you have something in common with someone (or someone in some other way) you can create an entire world around that, and in that world you can create an entire world around that. The world is a symbol, and that symbol is the world itself (which is itself a symbol). You can create a universe by creating a world, and then creating another world around that. It’s a circular system.

For example, if you have a common sense of humor, you can create a world you call ‘The World of The World’. This is a symbol of who you are and the way that you think because you can create a world around who you are and the way that you think. You can also create a world around a world, and have a world around a world.

The symbol of the world is actually the universe. The symbol of the universe is the world. The symbol of the universe is the symbols of the world. But the real world is the symbol of the world. You have to go through the process of constructing the symbols of the world to arrive at the real world and when you do, you get a world.


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