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The world’s largest expo for small business owners and their products is coming to Houston on July 25- 28th. Houston expo is in the book “The Biggest Small Business Show in America” and will be held at the convention center at the corner of University and Congress from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Houston expo is not only the biggest expo, but it’s a huge networking event for entrepreneurs from all 50 states, Canada, and Puerto Rico. The event includes dozens of seminars, workshops, networking receptions, and more so there’s a lot going on. This show is the biggest and most comprehensive one of its kind in the country. If you live in Houston you should definitely consider attending.

I’ll definitely be attending. This expo is the perfect place to meet new people and network.

The expo is usually held on the second weekend of the month in two different locations. In Houston it is the weekend after Labor Day and on the first weekend in September. It’s held in a wide variety of locations from the Galena Park Convention Center (in the middle of the city) to the Albermarle Conference Center (near the south side). All expos are free and attendees can enter any seminar they want for as long as they keep their registration.

The expo is a great place to meet people and network because it is such a diverse group of people. The people who attend expos tend to be those who already have an online presence. A lot of the expos are for new business owners, but there are also more established business owners.

The expo also has a bar where you can meet friends, do deals, and make new contacts. It’s also great because you can have a beer, meet new people, and get to know people that are in similar business to you.

I love the expo because it is a place for people to come together and network, do business, and just have fun together. If you are new to the area, the expo is a great place to make new contacts.

I don’t know about you folks, but I enjoy a good expo. It is fun to meet new people, have fun with new people, and make new contacts. But because I have been in the expo industry myself, I know that expos can also be a place for people to hang out, drink, and hang out. Like a bar, but at the expo.

Houston has been blessed with many business expos over the years, but some are a little more informal. The expo Houston Small Business Expo was recently held at the Westchase Center. It was a great success. I was so happy to see so many new firms come and make new contacts. They did not only come from Texas, but from all over the US and even from Canada. They came from all walks of life.

The expo was actually quite well organized. I enjoyed seeing all of the different business types, from the corporate world to the local community to the entrepreneurial. They all had their own booths and presentations, with a few things to get excited about.

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