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This is one of those words that you hear in your head, but you can’t actually recall what it means. Pudgy, in this context, refers to the area on the belly of our bodies that is typically the largest and least flexible part. This is an area where muscles are not fully developed and when we have a lack of muscle, we become fat.

The other word I’m getting is “fat.” It’s a word that we’re all used to hearing a lot from our parents and grandparents, but the truth is there are so many different ways to be fat. The term fat refers to the size of our body in relation to other body parts like our arms or our legs or our face. In this context, pudgy refers to the belly.

The first thing I will say is that while pudgy is an insult, it is also not entirely accurate. Pudgy is usually used as a way to describe a person who is extremely overweight, but in reality, your pudgy is one who has no fat to speak of. The pudgy has a little bit of fat on his/her body, but it is very light and it is just one part of the whole picture.

This is one of the things that makes pudgy so fun. It is not a physical manifestation of who you are, but the fact that you are fat and you are pudgy just makes you so much more approachable.

pudgy is the personification of that sense of humor that we all like to poke fun at. People tend to lump all pudgy people into one category, but the truth is that they are all pudgy in different ways. You will find a lot of pudgy people on the web and in real life. They are all pudgy in some way, but they are not all the same.

It really depends on the person. Some people are just so friendly and approachable, but others come across as sarcastic and unfriendly. For instance, a pudgy person who is being rude will probably look like a pudgy person who is being nice. It is the person’s attitude that is important here; not their weight.

So we’ll start with the most pudgy: the fat ones. People who are overweight are usually the quiet type who avoid eye contact. In fact, being fat is a great indication that your personality type is averse to eye contact. This is because eye contact is the most important communication you will make to another person. The other person might not understand you, but if they do then it’s usually because you are being mean and rude.

In addition to being the most pudgy the fat ones, being fat also lets you display characteristics that are not usually conducive to eye contact like being mean and rude. A person who is fat is also a bit of a bully, who likes to put other people down for no good reason, and is also prone to making up stories about others to make himself feel better.

No offense to the people who are the only ones that take care of the most pudgy, but when you’re on autopilot you will be the one that needs to stay on autopilot.

We all have our own ideas of what pudgy means, but it’s not as if you need to be the only one to know what it is. There are a lot of pudgy people out there, and you should be one of them. Not only do pudgy people get to sit around and eat the most, but they also get to own the most beautiful women, and also the most hot dogs.

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