poems with repetition


When it comes to poems, I like to think of them as repetition machines. In other words, I like to think of them as machines that can be used to “repetition” any word or phrase. It feels like an exercise in cognitive flexibility; I’ve always felt that repetition is a good way to enhance our ability to see the big picture.

It’s kind of like if you were to take a picture of a tree. You have to take it a certain way, so you never really get that nice, neat, and clear picture of the tree you want to see. It’s actually not that hard to do if you know how to use a camera or the computer. I just find it a lot harder to be able to repeat a poem when it doesn’t come naturally to me.

It might not be that easy to repeat poems, but it is extremely easy to see how far we have come in a few thousand years, and to look back and see how far we have to go. It’s a good reminder to think about the big picture.

As another poem lover, I can only say that it’s great to look back and see how far we have come in hundreds of thousands of years. I can’t think of a better way to say that.

The reason I say so is because I am going out on a limb here and say that I think a lot of poems are great when they are repeated. I know this because a bunch of my friends are all very good at writing poems, and I have them memorized. But I think the reason why a lot of poems are so good is due to their repetition. It is good to see how far we have come, because we are very close to where we need to be.

One thing that I have noticed regarding poetry is that repeated poems can sometimes be a bit cliched. I think repeating a poem is great because you can get a bit more out of it, but sometimes I think repetition can take the place of a poem’s original meaning. I’m talking about the word, “it.” I think that when we have a poem, we are saying the same thing over and over again.

Poetry is a form of expression, and for the most part it is just as much of an art form as any other type of prose. Poetry and prose are often referred to as a way of thinking, and often the term poet has a very specific meaning. In fact, an important part of the definition that I think we should take into consideration is that poetry is the art of making a poem. But most importantly, poetry is a form of language that is expressed by repetition.

To use an example from the movie “Gravity”: “Hey! It’s gravity! It’s up to my nose in shit, people!” or “Look out! I’m down here with you, I’m down here with you, I’m down here with you…” is a great way to make a statement, especially as you are asking the reader to read more than one line.

So a poem could be a lot of things.

Poetry can be used in a lot of ways.


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