Why We Love natural language is structured data (And You Should, Too!)


The way computers use natural language to communicate with each other is a brilliant way to communicate the most powerful ideas. There’s a lot of great stuff happening in the world all the time that is just impossible to translate into text, yet computers are very good at it.

We know this is true because we study it, and we study all kinds of human activity that is hard for computers to translate. One example: the way computers can understand the way we speak. We can tell computers something we speak with words like “I” and “you” and they interpret it to mean “me” and “you” based on what we are saying. The same is true of computers that understand a lot of human speech.

It is very interesting to think about how machines can understand what we are trying to communicate in natural language. I think most of us are pretty good at what we are trying to say when we speak. We can usually figure out what we are trying to say in English. But in natural language, we have a lot of redundancy, lack of context, and very long sentences.

This is one of the main reasons human language is so amazing to computers. Although computers could never understand English, we can often figure out what we are saying even if it is a long sentence. In fact, we can often figure out what we are trying to say in natural language if that is what we are trying to say. Even if we are not trying to say what we mean, we can often figure out what we mean if we are just trying to understand what we are saying.

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