20 Up-and-Comers to Watch in the my samsung galaxy s4 keeps turning off Industry


I’ve had several of my samsung galaxy s4’s turn off since I turned it on because of a software glitch. The phone was fine until I started using it around 3:00 PM and I have yet to take it off. I get the phone to turn off it’s own, so it’s not like the phone is really “crashing,” just running cold.

So I was just curious if anyone else has a similar problem with their samsung galaxy s4. I don’t have this problem at all, but I have seen that same problem with my samsung note 3.

I had a similar issue with my note 3. I would get to the point to turn the phone off, and it would only go to sleep if I would turn it off from the power dialer. It would also wake itself up when I was on the internet. I did not have this problem with my samsung galaxy s4, but I had the same issue with my samsung note 3.

As far as I know, this problem is not unique to the samsung galaxy s4.

I have only ever seen samsung galaxy s4s in that same state of being unable to turn off or sleep. I can’t seem to find it in my memory bank, but the same can happen with phones like the samsung note 3.

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