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I have to tell you that I am currently a marketing pick up line tester. I’ve been doing this as a service to my family and friends for a few years now. I am always happy to share my results with you.

Yes, marketing pick up lines are important, but as a marketing consultant I always tell my clients that they should be creative and not just rely on generic pick up lines. Sure, I may say, “Hey, I’ll tell you a secret…” but if I don’t say it, I’ll never be able to tell it. “Hey, I know that you’re looking for a secret…” is just too generic.

The secret is that marketing pick up lines arent just generic, they are creative and personal. They can be about anything and everything. They can be funny, witty, and they can be sexy. They can be subtle, but they can also be blatantly obvious. They can be about anything and everything.

Like, if I say, Hey, Ill tell you a secret, but if I dont, I can never tell it. Well, it works both ways in marketing. You can say something like your secret is that you are a liar, but if you dont say that, you can never deny it. And if you say it in a funny way but dont say it that way, you can never deny it.

Okay, so I’m not gonna go into the particulars of marketing because I would feel like I am beating up on some poor little marketing company for being so ridiculous. But I will say that it’s a pretty effective way of letting your audience know that you are just as insane as they are. They can take you seriously, they can know you’re a liar, but they can never make a mistake.

This is where marketing comes in. If you want to get your audience to buy your product and you want them to remember you, then say something they can take seriously. You might even need to tell them that youre kidding. The best example of this is the guy who was selling toothpaste.

You can see how people could get really excited about this. They were selling toothpaste to people who were on the verge of insanity. They were selling toothpaste to people who thought they were dead and that they were going to have to live on a boat for eternity. And they were being so bold that they were actually selling toothpaste to one of their customers.

It’s not just the guy selling toothpaste, but also the guy who was selling toothpaste in the first place. People are still not used to this kind of marketing tactics, but they are more used to their traditional methods.

People who are on the verge of insanity have a huge advantage. They have probably never felt the need to use a pick up line before. They are on the edge of insanity, and they have a way out, like the guy who sold toothpaste to them in the first place, but unfortunately they have no way out. They are just going to have to live on a boat for eternity.

You’re not going to like this pick up line, but it’s a good one. Toothpaste is such a universal commodity that it’s easy to see how the general public would take it. Now, I’m not saying that I agree with the premise of this line, but the person who put it together did an amazing job and I’m glad that it went over so well. There’s nothing wrong with a pick up line.

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