let’s get down to business to defeat the huns lyrics


Let’s get back to the business of things while we have the opportunity to get to know the lyrics. We can’t get to know the lyrics if we don’t understand the intent. We can’t understand the lyrics if we don’t understand what the lyrics mean.

Thats what I’m getting at, you should look into the meaning of the lyrics before you start reading them, so that you don’t think that they mean something to you. Once you understand the lyrics, you can start to pick up on the meaning, so you can understand the intent behind them. If you understand the meaning, then you can start to figure out the meaning of the lyrics.

I think that the lyrics to the song “Huns” are somewhat cryptic. To me, at least, “get to know the lyrics if we dont understand the intent” is a fairly straightforward statement. The song talks about people in the future or in the past, who are all very different from each other. They’re all looking to kill each other, but they’re all trying to be kind.

At least I hope so. Thats a pretty powerful statement, and if I’m not mistaken, the lyrics are referring to a future time where all of humanity is gone and they cant murder each other anymore. I think thats the meaning of the song.

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